Woman Delightfully Trolls Anti-Vaxxer Group On Facebook

It’s rare we get to cheer for trolls online. Usually, they are the lowest of the low. Bots, Russian agitators, unsupervised 12-year-olds…the worst. However, one group we can almost all get behind trolling is the anti-vaxxers.

The Deb so nice they named her twice, Deb Deblinger, (who is actually pro troll Ben Palmer) hopped onto the Facebook group “Vaccines Exposed” and laid the bait.


Obviously, this was too good for the anti-vaccine group to resist.


Yes, Double Deb, tell us.


“So when I first got there, there was absolutely NO place to park,” the post read. “Then, I left my keys in the locked car. So I had to call Triple A and wait for them to get there. And of course that took forever. Then, as I was waiting, some guy walked by me and gave me a rude look like I was loitering or something.

Then when Triple A got there I found out the doors weren’t even locked. Ugh. So then I was like an hour late for the study and so I was last in line to get the vaccine. I got vaccinated though so now I have a decreased chance of contracting COVID. So that’s cool. But it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had.”

Ben Palmer, you beautiful genius.

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