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Unhelpful “Cures” From Even Less Helpful People (30 Pics)

Depression and anxiety are complicated mental health conditions that around 20% of the population struggles with. It’s not uncommon when opening up to someone about struggling with a mental health condition that someone offers absolutely useless depression cure suggestions like watching a happy movie, doing yoga, or my personal favorite, just “knocking it off.” 

It’s especially common to see unhelpful suggestions like this on social media, where encouraging posts are “inspiration porn” for anyone who buys into their nonsense. Anyone who hasn’t experienced anxiety or depression doesn’t understand that it’s more than just being stressed out and simply does not have an easy fix. 

Being on the receiving end of comments minimizing a mental health condition is hurtful, but luckily there is a way to laugh about it. After all, they’re just trying to help, right?

1. I feel like he could be working a little faster?

2. Wish I had thought of that!

3. Here’s the right idea.

4. Stop being weak, guys!

5. Thank you, rich people.

6. Great advice from Hunter.

7. Just wake up, idiot.

8. Now I’m anxious I’m not praying enough.

9. Now I’m anti-vandalism.

10. Hey, you tried your best.

11. We could have just asked this whole time!

12. They’re uncomfortable because I’m ugly too.

13. Now we have a carrot shortage.

14. It’s now a tropical depression.

15. Open your eyes.

16. Simple as that!

17. Help, it’s not working.

18. Get this man a crown.

19. What would we do without Jake Paul.

20. Absolutely priceless.

21. Therapy? Medication? Scientific remedies? Bro, have you just tried being happy?

22. Bullying=eradicated.

23. As seen in a school cafeteria.

24. Thanks, I’m cured.

25. Be grateful!

26. All you have to do is ask!

27. A Snyder’s of Hanover Cure-all!

28. Give me those horse pills.

29. I’m going to need more sticky notes.

30. It’s that simple.

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