Fun Dirty Car Etchings Found In The Wild (21 Pics)

Etching art is something you see all the time and don’t realize. While the realism of it can be amazing, it is more sculpting than drawing. You start with a whole and take away until only the art is left. Think of it like Etch A Sketch art.

The most common example of this is when people “draw” things in the dirt on cars and trucks. Most people do stick figures or write dumb stuff like “I wish my wife was this dirty” but the best is when a real artist comes along.

I searched around the internet and found some of my favorites. If you’re a fan like me, I recommend checking out Pro Boy Nick and Scott Wade. They’re the best I’ve seen.

Etching Art Found In The Wild

1.  Shark

2. Einstein & Hawking

Scott Wade

3. Monster Squad

Scott Wade

4. Owl


5. Mandolorian & Grogu


6. The Desert

7. Alien


8. Mona Lisa

9. Bane

10. The Creation Of Adam

11. Girl With A Pearl Earring

12. A Good Boy

13. Dogs Playing Poker

14. The Birth Of Venus

15. A Horse

16. Brand New Baby

17. The Three Stooges

18. Christopher Walken

19. Angler Fish


20. Crocodile

21. Ship

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