A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

Y’all have got to stop lying on the internet! There are so many sites and platforms dedicated exclusively to publishing fan fiction. There is simply no reason for anyone to continue posting their unbelievable stories on social media sites!

Are we really supposed to believe an eagle came down out of the sky and brushed your cheek? Put that creative energy into something more productive, please!

1. Your child did this?

2. Just talking to my screen again!

3. Oh my god shut up.

4. “Casual sized.”

5. They are all dead. This is my confession.

6. I was the lady. Still sitting in it.

7. Homie please back up to your mom hitting you.

8. I can’t wait to bully your kid.

9. Just the absolute worst song.

10. This is my favorite fan fiction.

11. Doctors notoriously try to hurt their patients!

12. Then I ran away with her grandma.

13. This one is the best. No notes.

14. I want to fight this kid.


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