Self Care Sunday (15 Pics)

One of the most difficult things to do in adult life is to take good care of yourself. As your responsibilities stack higher and higher, most people’s instinct is to put yourself last. Don’t do that.

What do they tell you during the pre-flight instructions? Attach your oxygen mask before helping others. If you aren’t in good shape, how do you expect to help others effectively? Take care of yourself.

1. If you can’t control what’s happening, just hold on.

2. Remember eating in restaurants?

3. Make mistakes, just try not to make the same one twice.

4. I’ve gotten almost every job by bullshitting my way in, then Googling how to do my job.

5. Um…is this PornHub?

6. Get those people out of there.

7. Winnie The Deep

8. And pay the extra money for a case.

9. Forward.

10. Don’t wait yourself out of time.

11. Difficult, but not impossible to do.

12. Your grades don’t equal your worth.

13. The most important thing to keep in mind.

14. Hit the ground harder.

15. Don’t wait for motivation.

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Mike Primavera

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