Some Gifs Were Just Made For Each Other (21 Famous Gif Mashups)

With TikTok and Instagram going strong, funny gifs have never been more plentiful. What used to be small clips from tv and movies are now sourced from every corner of the globe. Is that good enough for us? Absolutely not.

People are funny gif mashups. 5 years from now I’m sure we’ll be mixing our favorite mashup gifs together. Gif soup. Gifzpacho. Mmmm.

1. Here comes the boom.

2. Avengers & Pulp Fiction

3. Mark Zuckerberg & Mrs. Zuckerbot

4. A Perfect Circle

5. Walk the walk.

6. Tbbthhhttbbh 1000

7. I’m Mary Poppins, y’all.

8. What a shot.

9. Elon Musk making baby 2.0

10. You cannot stop the Amish.

11. SpaceXXX

12. Why there isn’t diving in the Winter Olympics.

13. Get out of my swamp.

14. Humble beginnings.

15. Oh no The Pope is sicccc.

16. It’s a little muggy in here, man.

17. Yeah yeah we all have stuff.

18. Incredible.

19. Creepin’

20. You’d watch it. We’d all watch it.

21. Saved the best for last.

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Mike Primavera

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