Just A Few Important Things Everyone Should Know How To Do (15 Pics)

This is the age of “do it yourself.” I mean, why wouldn’t you? One Google search and you can find a guide or video on how to do just about anything. But what if you couldn’t?

What if you got a flat tire or a dead battery in the middle of nowhere and your phone didn’t have service? Can you change a tire? Would you know how to jump a battery? Do you even know where you are without GPS?

The point is, you should have some key knowledge banked. These are a few things everyone should know. Even if you never use it, it’s good to have on hand.

1. How to jump a car.


2. How to save a choking dog.


3. How to sew a button onto something.


While almost any dry cleaner will do this for you in a second, it really is something you can handle yourself. I keep a small sewing kit in my closet and also the glove box of my car. You’d be surprised how often I’ve used them both.

4. If you do need to Google, Google effectively.


5. Effective napping.


6. The Phonetic Alphabet


7. What every dashboard light means.


Part of growing up is seeing a dashboard light come on and then taking a second step from there. It’s important to have a somewhat basic knowledge of how your car works. If you’re looking to learn a bit and have fun doing it, I highly recommend CarTalk.

8. Car stuck in the mud hack.


9. How to break down a door.


10. Types of firewood.


Just an FYI, but never burn a pallet or treated wood. Breathing in those fumes can be extremely dangerous.

11. How to open a can without a can opener.

12. Building a proper campfire.


13. When is ice safe to travel on?


14. Leaf raking hack.

15. How to save yourself from drowning with your hands bound.


I hope you never have to use this, but probably good to commit to memory.

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