40+ Times The “Instant Karma” Group Gave People A Healthy Dose Of What They Kinda Deserved

This world needs way more immediate karma! I’m sick of people saying crap like “what goes around, comes around” when someone does a messed up thing and I have to wait like two months for anything to happen! Imagine how great the world would be if when someone did a bad thing they were immediately¬†tazed.

Call someone ugly? Tazed. Don’t pay someone you hired? Tazed.¬†¬†Take up more than one parking spot? TAZED.

I don’t have time to keep stalking people I hate on Instagram to see if their house burned down or the “Teacup pig” they adopted grew into a full-sized pig. Luckily, these people got the immediate karma they deserved. I hope they learned their lesson.

1. Snowman 1, Driver 0

2. Sad he was unjustifiably killed (the elephant).

3. FedEx driver got hands.

4. This is how littering should be dealt with.

5. Hope it didn’t scratch the paint.

6. Enjoy that ticket.

7. Not a great investment strategy.

8. This is also just an ad for a clothing site.

9. I hope he has time to reflect.

10. If that’s his mom, sit on her too.

11. Queen shit.

12. I am so proud of her.

13. Just do a pay it forward with the last photo you got.

14. He doesn’t have a single regret.

15. This Is Venice City Hall Right After The Approval Of A Climate Change Denial Amendment

16. Also…they’re recording the dancer? So?

17. Asking for a friend.

18. Someone deserves some treats.

19. My biggest fear.

20. You lost me at tutoring gang leaders but okay.

21. Hope he doesn’t recover.

22. Good boy.

23. 911? I’d like to report a murder.

24. Maybe don’t write such crappy laws!

25. Their poor insides.

26. Here’s some good karma.