People Are Sharing The Cheapest, And Let’s Be Honest, Most Resourceful Things They’ve Done

Having a cheap friend is fun because they always know how to get the best deals. They know all the money saving tips. These people always know how to get into museums or events without needing a ticket. They usually know where the free parking is or at least know the rules like the back of their hand.

People on Twitter are sharing the cheapest things they ever did and got away with. Let’s be honest, a lot of these things are actually just straight-up stealing but that’s okay. But no one ever reads or watches Robin Hood and says “hey I think that he wasn’t actually doing the right thing here, stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor!” Maybe it’s not quite feeding the poor, it’s just taking makeup from Walmart, but I don’t think Robin Hood was big on splitting hairs so I don’t think we should either.

1. This is brilliant.

2. You have to keep trying other stores.

3. It might need a little brush too.

4. The good old days of punch cards.

5. Those poor servers.

6. A photoshopping king.

7. Getting caught would be so bad.

8. I’m going to try this one.

9. The glory days.

10. I hope they gave it away to other students too.

11. It’s called renting and it’s harmless!

12. Even the week pass is a rip off.

13. These bags get heavier and heavier.

14. Don’t tell them you get charged for those.

15. This would not work anymore.

16. I would totally do this for someone.

17. So smart.

18. Double feature! Don’t mind if I do.

19. I can’t say I haven’t done this.

20. Why else would I be there in my PJ’s?

21. Please, end the pasta, I’m begging you.

22. A razor is $1.

23. This is a good one too.

24. Oh no, not Walmart losing $98.

25. That’s actually sandpaper.

26. Nothing wrong with borrowing!

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