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Woman Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She’s Sleeping Poorly, But Finds Out Much More

Being a cat owner is a strange thing. I am technically in charge of my cat, but she definitely runs the show. My cat has a pretty strict schedule she likes of sleeping all day, running 60 mph from room to room from 8 pm to 11 pm, more sleep, and then batting my face to wake me up at 7 am. It’s an exhausting schedule, but someone has to do it.

TikTok user @susieandmollie posted a video saying she was having trouble sleeping and she knew she was getting woken up at night, so she decided to set up a night vision camera. Her experiment worked and she discovered her cat had been batting her face throughout the night and waking her up! This is a pain many cat owners like me know all too well. The video is pretty cute, so of course, it’s linked for you at the bottom.

Winding up for a good whack.

People had some helpful advice.

The pain of being continuously tapped with a paw.

Looks like everyone has weird cats…

Not letting them have a crumb of sleep.

They’re not alone!

Winding up for a good paw slap.

A few helpful tips and tricks from the comments.

Here’s the full video.


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