Top-Notch Woodworking For Your Inner Ron Swanson (21 Pics)

Good woodworking is so satisfying to watch. The precision. The skill. The detail. All of it. I’ll watch woodworking videos and look at cool woodworking pics for hours, but have never once tried. I live in a studio apartment that can only fit one piece of wood. So, for now, this will have to do.

1. Scrollsawn project with all-natural woods (no stains or dyes). Prince John and Hiss from Robin Hood. Oodalally!!


2. My 14-year-old daughter made this in shop class and I couldn’t be more proud!


3. A carpenter laughed and said my vision and budget were nowhere close. So I learned to do it myself. Just added the two cubbies on the left with custom-made LED extrusion lighting. Daylight white was used to highlight the clothing and warm white was used as wall washers. Cubbies each weigh 70lbs 💪


4. First try at this Japanese wizardry.


5. Definitely the biggest project I’ve ever done. Solid oak through and through, all locally sourced in the Scottish Highlands.


6. So I finished this chair a few days ago.


7. First attempts at Lego men. My lab is showing off her latest creation too.


8. My first cutting board. Maple, walnut, cherry, and wenge.


9. Wife wanted a Dr. Seuss themed nursery so I built a Dr. Seuss bookshelf.


10. My mom died from cancer, but before she passed she asked me to make her urn. We would jokingly refer to it as her death box. She was a strong woman.


11. I made a 600 LED programmable infinity mirror coffee table!


12. I made a walnut coffee bar.


13. The boat I made in my garage. Plans are from Glen-L boat plans. This is the “squirt” 10 footer. Took me 2 years to make. I had a blast making it.


14. My workbench and tool storage is complete!


15. Archway a coworker and I trimmed out recently.


16. It’s not often I find the time to build things for myself, but here’s my Covid Project. Mid-Century Modern Bookcase.


17. I was commissioned to convert an old greyhound into a mobile art therapy clinic. I built 8 desks that can interlock into each other and into the side rail. I also built all the doors, trim, and cabinets.


18. Tried my hand at woodworking and made some dining table benches.


19. A bunk bed I built for my daughter’s 5th birthday.


20. The library I did. There are many leather-bound books, and it smells of rich mahogany.


21. I’m building a playhouse for my kids, based on Link’s house in the game Breath of the Wild. Here is my progress on it so far!