When The Boss Music Starts Playing, You Better Be Ready For Them (21 Boss Fights)

If only life were as simple as a boss fight. You get to a certain level, you fight the boss, you progress. Instead, the boss is your own mind and it’s a fight you’ll spend your whole life embroiled in.

I’m choosing to live in the boos fights world. It’s more fun. Like today I’m going to the dentist, but in my mind, I will be fighting Cavitor The Pain-Bringer, and he will likely destroy me.

1. Watcher In The Dark. Guardian Of The Face.

2. Jonah Mountain

3. From the fires comes The God Of Tires

4. Papa Icecicle, Poker-outer Of Eyes

5. The Holie-Polie


7. The Human Y

8. Virtually Real Virtual Reality Man

9. Mer-Mer

10. The Tool

11. Crank

12. Killjoy, The God Of Ruining Good Times

13. Boss Boss

14. Cacarrot

15. 50 Shades Of Gary

16. Nona The Corona

17. Into The Ronaldverse

18. Diabeatdown vs Vegandalf

19. Darth Bernie

20. Caaaaaat

21. Razer Limelight