These Wedding Group Posts Deserve All The Shame They’re Getting (22 Pics)

There seem to be Facebook groups for almost everything these days and if you planned a wedding recently, you may have relied on Facebook groups to help you make decisions as well as for moral support. Planning a wedding can be really stressful and once the brides have totally lost their minds, things can get pretty heated.

There are only a few rules of weddings you need to follow like: don’t wear a white dress, don’t propose, and don’t overstep boundaries as a guest or a host! It looks like none of the people we found on r/weddingshaming got that memo.

1. She was NOT the bride!

2. “I’m all for a nudist wedding but the kid?”

3. Spend the extra $6!

4. Again, there should be NO cats at the wedding.

5. We get it, you have sex.

6. “Karen thinks artists are ripping her off for charging $1000 for a LIVE PAINTING of her wedding ceremony. Expects to get a literal Picasso for that price.”

7. Apparently posing like this is a TREND.

8. You had one rule!

9. Absolutely not.

10. Immediately no.

11. The audacity.

12. “We sent you this card so send us money”

13. Gotta agree with Brooke on this one.

14. Just have a nice topper, please.

15. What a horrible prank.

16. This edit is so bad.

17. “I really dislike things like this… is someone forcing you to get married!?”

18. “Found on Pinterest, do people really tell their guests to wear very specific colors to match their theme??”

19. This looks like a funeral.

20. “Tell your wedding guests to die”

21. “Yeah let me just RSVP for TWENTY ONE+ MORE PEOPLE”

22. Saved the best for last.