A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (17 Pics)

People, please, I’m begging you: stop making up crazy stories on the internet for attention. It’s really embarrassing and everyone knows you’re lying. You’re basically giving us permission to make fun of you.

1. This is not how hospitals work.

2. These poor children.

3. Honestly if this was real it’s just really mean.

4. Excuse me, CPS?

5. Just casually knowing one of the richest people alive.

6. I shit my pants!

7. I don’t do homework.

8. Your dad didn’t care?

9. This just didn’t happen.

10. Ma’am please get off TikTok.

11. I love kissing strangers in a pandemic!

12. Your child thinking Indiana Jones is real would be failing.

13. Bro, what?

14. Just became a professor to be evil.

15. Why are they so obsessed with murder.

16. I love LinkedIn.

17. Bill Gates, notorious partier.