Cringey Philosophy From Some Real “Deep” Thinkers (21 Pics)

It’s posts like these that make me happy there was no social media in my formative years. I would 100% post cringey memes like these. I thought I was very deep when I was a tween, and was no doubt extremely annoying.

Alas, these poor kids will one day look back on all the hot garbage they posted online and cringe like the rest of us. Hopefully, they’ll take comfort in the fact that they’ve grown since.

1. The filter makes it.

2. Really makes you think haha jk

3. And now it’s here.

4. Got him that far though.

5. You are a lunatic.

6. Totally…

7. Life is kind of a dick.

8. Don’t be an arrow magnet.

9. Me when I’m thinking up a good tweet.

10. Because your parents don’t love you?

11. How much for that breath though?

12. You have depression, bro.

13. Take a drawing class.

14. Kids are f*cking cheaters.

15. And you stink.

16. You probably listen to U2.

17. Whippits will get you there.

18. I see nothing wrong here.

19. Someone didn’t charge their phone.

20. Maybe he’s just too tired.

21. Um…what?