21 “Umm, OK, TMI” Amazon Reviews

Amazon has become the backbone of many busy households and with so many weird products, you pretty much have to rely on reviews to know what is about to show up at your front door.

However, not all Amazon reviews are created equal, and these reviews are all definitely crossing into the oversharing territory.

Enjoy these weird Amazon reviews from people who clearly don’t realize you don’t need to tell people all your business.

Funny, But A Little TMI Amazon Reviews:

1. We incorporated it into lovemaking.

2. I guess it doesn’t come with the butt.

3. It still got 5 stars!

4. Thank you for the description here.

5. No photo attached. Interesting.

6. Not a great thing to admit.

7. Well, don’t leave us hanging.

8. Is this guy okay?

9. I’ll miss you, Linda.

10. Coincidentally…what?

11. Now I want one.

12. It definitely gets the job done!

13. This guy has played Night Crawlers.

14. Picture not attached.

15. Can we get a wellness check on this guy?

16. No complaints!

17. What a nice mother.

18. This review on a vibrator is legendary.