You Saved Some Money, But At What Cost? (22 Frugal Memes)

Don’t worry, these frugal memes are free. No credit check required. No collateral needed.

When you grow up broke you don’t even realize you’re poor until later. You just think that’s how everyone lives. Everyone checks the cereal box for roaches before you pour a bowl. Everyone leaves the oven open after cooking so you don’t waste any heat for the house. Everyone had mom’s spaghetti & meatballs that was just noodles with ketchup and cur up hog dogs, right?

1. Who needs the ice cream truck?

2. Real or not, someone has done this.

3. The Secret

4. Um WHAT?

5. Getting in on the ground floor.

6. Cool trick of you’re trying to get beat up.

7. Last know photo of him.

8. How’d you get it out though?

9. Peace was never an option.

10. Reality is what you make it.

11. Now just repeat forever.

12. No negotiating with terrorists.

13. 🤢

14. Nothing like a little me soup.

15. Eu de Frank

16. Still how it goes in my home.

17. Halloween hack.

18. Stealth 1000

19. About what I expect him to look like.

20. Does…does this work?

21. Got a plastic toaster too?

22. Why didn’t I think of that?