Are These People Bad Roommates Or Are They Complete Monsters? (50 Pics)

Living with a bad roommate is something you never see coming. You wouldn’t have agreed to it if you did! It usually sneaks up on you that the person is messy, disorganized, or just plain gross. They try to hide it as long as they can and once you start to catch on, it can be too late.

These people realized they were living with an absolute monster just a bit too late and I’m sure almost everyone knows what that feels like.

My college roommate would call her parents every night to ask how the cows were one by one: she had over 50 cows. Another roommate insisted on having a drum set in the living room.

It’s a right of passage to have someone you live with drive you crazy, it might just be prepping us for marriage.

Now, let’s play “Bad Roommate or Complete Monster?”

1. “Thesis Due In A Few Days And I Don’t Need This Extra Stress Of People Stealing My Stuff From The Communal Fridge”

2. “My Dad Who Takes Bites Out Of Butter. Disgusting”

3. “The Way My Dad Puts Things Away In The Fridge. This Is A Piece Of Steak”

4. “My Wife Putting This Peanut Butter In The Trash Because It’s Empty”

5. “My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

6. “When Your Housemate Uses The Living Room As His Bedroom”

7. “Its Always So Cold In Our House. Our Furnace Sucks.” -Wife Jan2020 -32C

8. “Less Than 2 Days After Moving In, One Of My Roommates Scratched My New, Non-Stick Pan With Metal Utensils”

9. “The Way My GF “Puts Away The Groceries” Still In The Bag”

10. ” I Married A Monster”

11. “My Husband Is Technologically Challenged”

12. “Wife Doesn’t Pay Attention To What We Already Have When Buying Groceries”

13.”My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

14. “I Married The Person Who Does This”

15. “My Wife Ate Every Single Marshmallow In A Family Sized Box Of Count Chocula. Every Single One”

16. “My Brother Has A Habit”

17.”This Is How My Mom Puts The Knives Away In The Drying Rack”

18. “My Mom Always Eats The Chocolate And Puts It Back In The Freezer Like That”

19. “I Live With Monsters”

20. “How My Wife Loads The Dishwasher”

21. “The Way My Family Leaves The Toothpaste”

22. “My Roommate Has Difficulties In Finding The Right Hole”

23. “My Roommate Can’t Read”

24. “We Love Awful Roommates”