21 Entitled People Who Need To Learn That Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Ever heard of the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers?” Well, it turns out they actually can be both. These people found on the Reddit page r/choosingbeggars share their annoying run-ins with people who expect to get whatever they want for free.

If you’ve ever tried to sell something on OfferUp or Craigslist, you know that these people are pretty infuriating. The worst types of internet buyers are the ones who offer an item in exchange for what you’re selling. Why would you think I would trade a $200 for an old computer monitor? People are strange.

1. The parents complained about free portion sizes.

2. Girl wants to get a 60% discount on Offerup

3. “I was selling some worn-once Dr Martens on FB marketplace for $150, took it down to $80 pick-up. Day of pick up, I get this. Yeah right, lady.”

4. Marketplace beggar suffers with selective reading…

5. Yelper gives a pizzeria 1 star because they wouldn’t give her a discount even though she’s an iNfLuEnCeR

6. When one promo code isn’t enough for Karen.

7. “I’ll never understand the logic behind asking for the “lowest price”. Let alone this.”

8. Maybe he should give some of the money to them directly?

9. “Not for you but for me.”

10. Just because someone has a pool doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s pool!

11. Leveraging terminal illness because they can’t cough up $11 for 2 lipglosses

12. They could have the house paid off in just 125 years.

13. You’re not invited, but you better get me a gift!

14. They’re tired of hearing it.

15. Oh no… don’t never ask me to draw for you again!

16. “This dude has 1.7k followers & thinks his exposure will get me tons of work.”

17. Looking for a room in a quiet home, where she can not be quiet?

18. Guess there was one influencer too much asking a small business for free stuff

19. $1k for an SUV good luck with that one buddy

20. This groomer is definitely prepared.