Humble Yourself With This Question From The 1869 MIT Entrance Exam

The internet is full of people who are trying to prove how smart they are. In fact, we’ve come across a few real “geniuses” in our time.

Like this dork…

And this dork…

And this insufferable dork…

But here’s a question you can use to prove how smart you really are, not just claim you have a high IQ from an anonymous screen name:

This question appeared on The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) admissions exam nearly 150 years ago.

“The perpendicular dropped from the vertex of the right angle upon the hypotenuse divides it into two segments of 9 and 16 feet respectively. Find the lengths of the perpendicular and the two legs of the triangle.”

Hmm. Honestly, I have no idea. I can barely figure out my taxes.

How’d you do? Did you get it?

If not, don’t worry:

This video by the popular blog and YouTube channel Mind Your Decisions presents a solution:

How’d you do? You get it?