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They Asked Reddit To Roast Them So Don’t Feel Bad For Enjoying These Bombs (10 Brave Souls)

In these times where everyone is so sensitive, it is pretty incredible people are on the internet asking to be roasted. They are literally coming to the meanest place humanity has to offer and asking to be taken down a peg with roast jokes. So, enjoy it. They did ask for it.

1. Iā€™m Russian Tutor Roast me!)


2. I want the best of the best in the comments!


3. 26 M, no friends, PhD student, unemployed, living a sad life in West Africa, Roast me, do your worst mothersuckers.


4. Recently got broken up with and now I play Skyrim for hours on end. Please make me cry more than usual today.

5. I’m 31, disabled, and so low class that I grill ramen. Roast me like one of your French girls!

6. Make me cry. 25 year old tech support agent. I’ve heard every fat joke in the book bring it bitches.

7. Sick and tired of fuck marry kills. Y’all got anything original?

8. Just got out of jail this morning. welcome me back to the internet.

9. 21F. home from college & my mom is keeping me quarantined in the basement for 14 days until I can interact with her. please roast me šŸ™‚

10. 29M Roast Me Plz