A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

Ughhhh can people stop lying on the internet? It’s weird, but it’s hard to look away. My personal favorites are when you can tell it’s just what they *wished* they had said to someone who made them mad. They need to go outside and touch some grass.

These people just couldn’t resist going out of their way to make some terrible creative writing for us. Thanks, folks, stay weird!

1. My eyes are like soooo red.

2. Jessica we know you drew this yourself

3. Granny is horny.

4. Someone call CPS

5. I’m happy for you… or sorry that happened.

6. Throw this man in the ring.

7. No he didn’t.

8. Orson was a liar.

9. No one spit-laughs. This isn’t a cartoon.

10. Revoking Facebook rights.

11. Called out.

12. Two liars.

13. I hope this happened and a Chinese person pranked him.

14. Nope.

15. I feel like he would leave, but maybe that’s just me.