This Account Provides Those Without Mothers A “Mom For A Minute” (25 Pics)

When you need understanding, congratulations, praise, or advice from a mother figure, but don’t have one in real life able or willing to provide that for you “Mom For A Minute” is here to help.

“Mom For A Minute” is full of nice people also known as “Mother Geese” on the internet helping each other out in times of need and it makes Wholesome Wednesday even better this week.

Grab a tissue and enjoy these wholesome comments from “Mom For A Minute.”

1.”Hey mom, I wore a dress for the first time since I was in an explosion. It was so scary showing my scars for the first time. But I did it and I still felt beautiful.”


2. “Hi mom! I wanted to update you. I went outside in shorts for the first time showing off my skin grafts!”


3. “Mom, my family, and my friends made fun of the platypus I crocheted. No one wants to buy it either. Should I even continue with making these?”


4. “Mom, I do neighborhood cleanups each week and everybody looks at me like a fool. I’m disabled and alone. Please tell me I’m an okay person.”


5. “Hi internet moms! My birth giver is more interested in trying to pray my gay away, but I want to share with someone that I proposed to my wonderful now-fianceé! I’m very happy she said yes!”


6. “Hi mom, it’s been a long time since the accident that left me unable to use my legs properly but yesterday I managed to walk about 10 steps. I hoped you’d be proud but you ignored my message.”


7. “Hey, mom…I got engaged this weekend. She’s been so wonderful to me, but it’s been really hard to enjoy this moment without remembering how much family I’ve lost due to loving a woman. All of our friends are over the moon, but I really hope you’re happy for me too.”


8. “Hey, Mom. I’m graduating high school today. I’ve survived mental illness, trauma, self-harm, getting kicked out at 17, a r*pe, a suicide attempt, and numerous heartbreaks during HS. I may be graduating late but I honestly thought I was gonna be a HS dropout. I just want someone to be proud.”


9. “Hi mom, just got married. Saved you a seat. I sent my bouquet to be at your grave the next day, your favorite light pink roses. I hope it was just as beautiful as you could have made it.”


10. “Mom I bought my first car. I am so proud and I didn’t take out a loan. I worked so hard for this.”


11. “Mom, I got my second COVID shot! My real mom is anti vax and she won’t care.”


12. “I get to give my daughter the freedom to be happy that I never got. Thanks, mom, for teaching me not to be jealous of her youth and beauty. Isn’t she lovely?”


13. “Hey mum! I just went to my doctor and got the arm implant behind your back. I know you would kill me if you found out, but I want to share my excitement with someone! (Lots of long sleeve shirts for the next few days)”


14. “1st-day selfie!! After a month of interviews, assessments, crying and tests I finally got that really big job I’ve been working towards. My bio mom might not be, but I’m pretty proud of myself…”


15. “Mom, Today I am 5 years clean and sober. Feb 14th 2016 was the day I got clean.”


16. “Hey Mom, I cleaned my room! My depression has been overcoming me lately and my room was an absolute disaster, but I’m finally getting help and starting to heal! I’m genuinely feeling better!”


17. “Hi, mom. I don’t have anyone else to celebrate with, but I’ve lost 110.4 pounds! Thank you for being proud of me mom.”


18. “I’m almost 1 year sober and I am celebrating my first New Years with no drugs and alcohol for the first time in over a decade!!!”


19. “Hi, Mom. I got engaged! Wish you were here.”


20. “Hey mom, I don’t know if you remember me from about a year ago, but I did it. I’m a United States Marine now.”


21. “First day of work since being unemployed for 6 months or so. I hope you are proud of me mom. I did it.”


22. “Mom, we don’t talk much anymore, since I came out as your daughter…I feel beautiful tonight though…Wish you could see how happy I’ve become…”


23. “Hi, mom. I’m working in an ICU with COVID-19 patients. I stand all day & don’t drink enough water. I’ve been reusing my mask for a week. I’m trying to stay positive, but I’m watching otherwise healthy people deteriorate quickly. I know I am lucky to be working right now. I’m just tired.”


24. “Hi mom, I’ve been chronically underweight for my entire life, up until 2 years ago I was stuck at 130lbs at 6’10”. Now after two years of hard work and eating right, I’m 250 and happy.”


25. “Hey, mom. Today I reached 3 years without self-harm. It’s by far been the hardest year of my life with the isolation, touch starvation, and loneliness. But I pulled through. I hope you’re proud of me.”