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Ever Experienced A Wholesome Cringe? Well, Look No Further (20 Pics)

Talk about worlds colliding. I’ve put together a ton of wholesome posts, and just as many cringeworthy posts, but never have I ever seen so many posts that warmed my heart and made my skin crawl at the same time. A wholesome cringe meme? Sure, let’s call it that.

1. Love it when a couple stays together after a glowup.

2. Mic drop?

3. Wholesome Karen vibes.

4.Never seen a couple so excited to disappoint their child.

5. Remember, there are literal children on the internet.

6. Thanks, bro.

7. Earning the Chad.

8. This is beautiful.

9. Teachers trying their best.

10. Give the baby a sword, coward.

11. Um, cool.

12. I don’t want to like it, but I do, a lot.

13. Honor still intact.

14. His heart is in the right place.

15. Ok, these folk should be in jail.

16. I’m almost certain no one asked.

17. Not everyone should make memes.

18. Atta boy?

19. The boys always know.

20. I’d kick this kid’s ass.