A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

A lot of people get a weird little thrill out of lying to people, I know I do sometimes. Its fun to give a fake name or tell another harmless lie. Really the only trick to lying is to not have your lie be incredibly obvious and second-hand embarrassing for anyone who sees it.

Well, it turns out these people didn’t get that message and tried to pull off these really cringy lies.¬†Sorry folks but we know these things just didn’t happen.

1. Just taking people’s jobs for fun.

2. BRB threatening strangers in the elevator.

3. Every pediatrician should make fun of their patients.

4. Hopefully the wives were the related ones. (*edit: Thank you for everyone in the comments who explained how grandparents work. This site wouldn’t function without you.)

5. No one else knew Jay-Z!

6. You could make this up and you did.

7. Their account is @thegovernment

8. Give this kid an iPad.

9. Your teacher needs to go to jail then.

10. Ah damn holiness stops me every time!

11. This is a funny and not concerning tale.

12. This happened.

13. Hey buddy, it’s totally normal to eat snacks in the bathroom.

14. She hasn’t been bullied since!

15. Ugh I hate when I accidentally give myself a vaccine!