A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

I knew someone in high school who told us she had a boyfriend who went to another school. We asked if she was going to bring him to Homecoming and she said she couldn’t because he had actually died that morning. He was riding a city bus and the bus driver slammed on their brakes. He went through the windshield and then was run over by the bus. So, no, he wouldn’t be at homecoming. His last wish was that no newspapers would cover the story.

I think of her when I read these insane posts from people who are completely full of shit.

1. A gnat did all that?

2. The second part just made it worse.

3. Sounds real.

4. What a fun and hilarious tale to tell.

5. In shock about your hair.

6. Oops.

7. What a Gryffindor!

8. He didn’t say this.

9. Muay Thai day one is learning to punch the shit out of faces

10. Oh Piers.

11. Are vans satanic now?

12. Now we’re billionaires.

13. “Pro-lockdown protester”

14. Bro why were you hard when they were talking about trans rights?

15. Which is a hole…