The Odds? Never Tell Me The Odds (22 Pics)

I think most of us have had at least one “what are the odds?” moment in our lives. Fate? Happenstance? Serendipity? Just dumb luck? Whatever it is, it feels magical. I don’t want to hear about the odds. I want to believe in magic. Enjoy this collection of strange, bizarre, and potentially improbable events!

1. Evergreen truck getting stuck in a highway in China in the same way as it happened for the ship in the Suez canal…


2. …and this is getting ridiculous.


3. This made me nervous.

4. Nice shot.

5. They were talking about my local Animal Shelter on national TV, and they focused on Alys, the cat we adopted 7 months ago! We got to see where she came from! We were in awe.


6. Football player Antoine Griezmann’s three children were all born on 8 April: in 2016, 2019, 2021


7. Everything in my stomach instantly turned to diarrhea.

8. Our security cam caught a bird mid-wing-flap such that it appears perched on my dad’s forge.


9. Filipino fisherman got stuck on a rock and he decided to bring it home as a good luck charm. And then he kept it under his bed for 10 years until one day his house burned down. Then he found out this “rock” was actually the biggest pearl ever found and is valued at $100.000.000.


10. Destiny.

11. Bubble got stuck on one small strand of a spiderweb.


12. Translation of the sign above: Double impact


13. C’mon!

14. I was taking photos of seagulls on autofocus just hoping for some clear action shots.


15. Back in 2000, Kevin Hines jumped off the golden gate bridge due to mental illnesses. He miraculously survived because a sea lion was bumping him up and kept his head above water. Now he is a suicide prevention speaker.


16. One cool cat.

17. I somehow managed to take this photo at the exact moment the balloon popped so it looks like a balloon ghost!


18. This truck.


19. Nature, man.


20. I was at my government transport department, swapping my old plate with a personalized plate. This was the ticket that I received from the machine, and below is the old plate I was taking off my motorcycle. Mind Blown.


21. This freak accident.


22. Intimidation.