Cats With Jobs Are Working For The Weekend (35 Pics)

Everyone knows dogs can hold down a job but cats work too. Not very hard, and they have to be forced into it, but they work.

Cat jobs are mostly just them being cats at a place of business or saddled with a nametag. I say they are doing a great job. Work smarter, not harder. That’s how you do it.

1. A few good men isn’t enough.

2. Good help is hard to find.

3. Would stay.

4. Seems fair.

5. “How much for a watermelon.” “F*ck you, that’s how much.”

6. When you lie on your resume but get the job.

7. Reliable.

8. I’d be nervous getting through.

9. Survive and adapt.

10. Where the hoes at, Cheddar?

11. Filed under “O” for OMG

12. Who are you wearing?

13. Purrista.

14. You got my vote.

15. Home inspector needed some help.

16. Your mail has been shredded. Thank you.

17. Earning his keep.

18. Someone’s got to do it.

19. “Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?”

20. Caught the repairman sleeping on the job.

21. I feel secure.

22. Here’s a $20

23. This is actually a great idea.

24. Captain Fuzz

25. Amazing.

26. Might help.

27. Thankless.

28. “Welcome!”

29. Someone has to keep them in line.

30. “You’re building a WHAT?”

31. The only way to be safe.

32. As advertised.

33. I’ll come back later.

34. No.

35. Everyone has a podcast now.