25 Hilariously Terrible Tattoos Being Regretted As We Speak

Most of us have made our fair share of mistakes in life, but these unfortunate folks have to live with theirs forever.

At least with a horrible tattoo, you can carry your life lesson with you everywhere. Thinking about leasing a motorcycle? Look at your tattoo, and do not do. Thinking about sliding into your coworker’s DMs? Check your ink, and have a think. I’d give a third example but I think you get the point.

Here’s a good rule to follow: Before you get any tattoo, text what you’re getting to at least 5 friends. Chances are at least one of them will be a sane enough person to talk you out of it. I don’t want to see any of you on the next bad tattoo list.

1. I’ll charge you half price if you let me do it left-handed.

2. Supposed to be freckles.

3. Apparently Wu-Tang Clan is something to f*ck with now.

4. No. Do not.

5. The frog’s look says it all.

6. Betsie Bop

7. That is a cookie, sir.

8. But what kind of life will it be?

9. Indifferent baby.

10. Blursala

11. I actually like this one.

12. Looks like something I’d draw on my folder in 5th grade.

13. What exactly is going on here?

14. The Nightmare Before, After, And During Christmas

15. Ol’ Butthole Eyes

16. If you can read this, bring me cocaine.

17. That’s one smug turtle.

18. Practice THEN skate and destroy.

19. If that’s your money flushed down a toilet then he nailed it.

20. Yikes.

21. Swim into a boat fan.

22. God can’t help you.

23. Even $1 is too much.

24. Actually makes me sick.

25. The Pheonix rising from its own ashes as a hot mess.