Sucks To Be You, Bro (27 Pics)

S**t happens. Like, a lot.

So chances are it’ll be your turn to take the brunt of it at some point. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the times when it’s happening to someone else.

Funny fails are only hilarious with a little perspective…

1. Results from an allergy test – my body reacts to every type of local allergen!


2. Someone managed to lose their new box of… lost-item trackers.


3. I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth golfers aiming directly at our homes.


4. Phone slipped out of my pocket while go karting and became wedged under the kart. This is what I found at the end of the lap.


5. Chilling in the bathroom with my parents and cat during a tornado warning.


6. Saved 4 years to buy a BMW, 3-days later this piece of metal bounced on the highway into my headlight. Destroyed the headlight and the module. The dealership wants $2895 to fix it.


7. Brother was only able to grab his phone. No injuries.


8. Everybody told you cats are the devil. Cat damaged the TV with a single bite.


9. Went to the gas station last night for 5 minutes to get beer and came back to this. My room is the window to the right. I feel insanely lucky right now. Might go gambling later.


10. It’s 3:00 AM. Everyone’s asleep and I’ve been trying to get out of my room for 30 minutes.


11. My sister tried making popcorn at work today… Didn’t go very well.


12. I’ll just do my makeup in the car like a stupid idiot.


13. Someone decided to play tic-tac-toe on my car.


14. Anyone else have to remove their washer agitator because they washed a new box of staples, or is it just me?


15. Got it delivered vertically. Still ate it. 8/10.