A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (19 Pics)

I really want to encourage everyone to use their imagination and practice creative writing. Maybe I should be really clear to not do it online and try to pass it off as real. People will catch you and roast you for it. I promise.

Here are some people who still need to learn that lesson:

1. What a load of frappe.

2. Your car wouldn’t make it 10 miles if it’s not diesel and you put diesel in it.

3. TBH, this might be real because there’s no way a graphic designer would write something that looks like “axaphicy” when he/she meant “graphics”




7. It’s true, I was guy in the threesome!

8. Righttttttt… Because kids know exactly how many happy meals they have in the whole store. I mean the possibility of a massive franchise having more boxes in the back is slim to none right?

9. ok girlboss

10. Yes, a 6-year-old wrote this.

11. This guy is so cool his neighbour asks him to turn his music up and gives him free beer.


13. Who needs experience?

Translation: she just joined some MLM scheme and now she is the proud “CEO and founder” of a business composed only by herself and devoted entirely in selling online some overpriced cosmetics/dietary products.



16. Yep absolutely happened no doubts



19. I’m not saying a version of this didn’t happen, but the details seem a bit Hollywood for my liking.

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