27 People Who Definitely Weren’t Expecting A Text Like This, But, OK, Here We Are

Ah, texting: the mother of so very many miscommunications. It can be nigh impossible to decode tone, intent, and so many other things when you only have a text message to go by.

Here are some of the funniest unexpected and confusing texts we could find.

1. The mystery text, fishing for info…

2. GrubHub

3. You don’t have to

4. Your what?

5. Sick of being friends

6. Why?

7. It’s just a powerpoint

8. Jeez, mom

9. Love.

10. Wiiiince

11. Lying

12. Wrong dorm.

13. IKEA

14. Mood.

15. It was a group chat.

16. A banana

17. It’s a band.

18. Jesus, dude

19. Kyle died.

20. ZING!

 21. I meant to type, uhh, “olive juice”

22. Oof

23. Yikes

24. Wyd

25. Mom says “NOPE”

26. Love That Song