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This Online Group Shares Specialized Tools That Were Created For Unique Jobs (24 Pics)

Some people need a specialized tool to get the job done. There are a lot of tools out there that can be used for many different purposes, but some tools haven’t even been invented yet.

There’s a fascinating place where people can post tools that were created for a specific purpose. Here are some of the most interesting devices you probably didn’t know existed.

1. “My girlfriend makes custom fit western hats. This is her 100 year old hat conformateur.”


2. “Cell phone hotspot in Australia. Set your phone on the post, dish focuses the signal to the nearest tower. 100% passive, tool itself uses no power.”


3. “My teenage son used his new 3D printer to create me a flour bag clip with a pour spout and screw on cap! What a cool idea. I think I owe him bread now…”


4. “A tool for researchers to quickly shuffle between different books”


5. “How babies are x rayed”


6. “These specialized chain tires that are used in the extreme heat of steel mills.”


7. “For right handed, left eye dominant folks.”


8. “Beard catcher”


9. “This titanium coated butter knife with internal copper alloy heat tubes. It’s made to heat up when held in your hand, so that it is easier to spread butter.”


10. “Our grocery store has an automatic cart sanitizer”


11. “My smallest and largest hex keys for working on large injection molding presses.”


12. “A needle injector, the preferred tool for sealing the mouth of a dead person.”


14. “A Norwegian shoe drying machine.”


15. “When a guy walks into your office with this thing asking to take a reading. It’s called a velometer, and measures the speed of air in a given area. He kindly allowed me to take a photo.”


16. “Spent shotgun shell lawn sweeper picker-upper”


17. “my Dad built this so the hikers can clean their shoes before entering the house (my parents run an alpine hut)”


18. “New type of parking enforcement on my campus replacing the boot, appropriately named ‘The Barnacle'”


19. “To keep your cat away from the keyboard”


20. “I spent longer than was reasonable making this drill-bit to quickly open and close the windows in my travel trailer.”


21. “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present a fabled “The Right Tool”. This is the only tool that can be used to remove the oil filter housing on a Lamborghini Gallardo.”


22. “A specialized tool for holding the nail, so you can hammer it down without hitting your hand. Thanks IKEA”


23. “This little red stick is used by field workers to harvest only perfectly ripened peppers for Tabasco sauce.”


24. “This tool that I used to retrieve my AirPods from the center console of my vehicle. Very good for grabbing small items in tight spots.”


h/t: Ranker