2022 Is Already Turning Out To Be A Record Year For Horrible Bosses (14 Pics)

A boss can make or break a job. A good one can make a bad job tolerable, but a bad one can make every day a living hell.

Once some folks get a taste of power it goes right to their head. They treat everyone else like crap and take zero criticism. Even the simplest job can seem like a Sisyphean task with one of these bozos breathing down your neck.

Everyone is hoping 2022 with be the year things turn around, but for these people with horrible bosses it ain’t looking good so far.



2. So I’m 5 days into my covid positive reading and my boss sends me this because she’s short staffed and I’m still feeling absolutely ill. I’m in Florida for winter break and she’s back in NC meaning I would have to fly while covid positive.

3. My boss sends me a text message and asks me to come in during a snowstorm. You expect me to chainsaw my way out of my driveway as part of my morning commute? Kick rocks.

4. My boss got me this for “stress relief”

5. I’m a skilled tradesman who is supposed to get a $3000 bonus at the end of the year for making the company $150,000 in profit, per my contract. I doubled it, which is supposed to increase my bonus. This is what I received. 100% done with this industry.

6. My boss has told me to bring a Dr’s note every single time I’ve ever called off over the years (more times than I can remember). I’ve never brought one in. Such a dumb, empty threat…


8. Wage theft is the most common theft in America. Don’t let them take advantage of you


10. sooo I’m 16 and my manager expects me to stay this late…didn’t even get off yesterday till 11:15 :))

11. Reality is a parody of itself

12. This is insane.

13. Mammoth Mountain

14. Working night shift without holiday pay. This is the gourmet meal they provided. Yes that is mold. Happy New Year!