Woman Quits New Job On The Spot When She Learns They Lied About Remote Work

God, this one is satisfying.

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Obviously, work has changed.

After two? (IDK what is time) years of the pandemic, we’ve all become very used to working from home. No commute, no stupid office prattle, and you can get more done efficiently. Honestly, there isn’t a ton of downside IMO. So companies that still think they can require your physical presence for jobs that don’t really need it? Take a hike, guys.

I recently found a post from u/meghanerd about a job listing they found that listed a position as remote “except when needed”.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t really “as needed”. The way OP put their foot down was a thing to behold.

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u/meghanerd wrote:

“Job was described as work from home regularly but must be able to come in-person as needed. After learning on Day #1 that “as needed” meant M-F 9-5, had to pull teeth to WFH T/Th. Expressed my concerns a couple of times to no avail before putting my foot down. Felt good.”

And then they attached some screenshots of the conversation.

Boy, that’s *chef kiss*.

u/meghanerd explained that ” the reason I can afford my shenanigans here is actually that my husband is a software developer… $10/hr makes no sense.”

And in case you needed more intel on how badass this was:

Reddit / u/meghanerd

Predictably, people are pretty peeved at the company for the bait and switch:

And a few even shared similar experiences, cause, surprise surprise, this is a thing that happens a lot!