17 People Share Creepy Experiences That Defy Explanation

Not everything can be explained away.

You don’t have to believe in spirits or ghosts, aliens or monsters, or anything supernatural. Sometimes, you just can’t explain what happened.

Reddit user r/OddJudgment6229 asked the question, “What’s that one unexplainable instance in your life which kind of still freaks you out to date?”


It was summer time and I was like 16 standing in my kitchen making some food. Now my bedroom was directly above the kitchen and had a really creaky floor. No one else is home and all of my animals were outside cause it was a nice day out. I hear someone get off my bed (could hear the two foot falls) and start walking across the room to the stairs. In order to leave the kitchen you had to walk past the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. I was following the footsteps as I walked across the kitchen when they make it to the top of the landing. As I made it to the doorway all I hear is someone coming down the stairs….fast. I booked it outta the house and waited outside for a while. Went inside…no one was there. Never saw a person leave the house plus I was just up in my room would’ve noticed a person in my room. There’s no where to hide in the room. There’s other stories but that was what I remember clearly to this day.



This reminds me of a story my aunt told me. My Nans house is haunted and I swear everyone but me has a story to tell from that house. Anyways, my aunt told me one day while she was doing the dishes in the kitchen she heard a bunch of people having a gathering in the utlity room. The utility room is right off of the kitchen and a big open doorway led in to it. She said they were very loud and easily sounded like there were 15 people in there. My aunt being as fearless as she is, stepped in to the utlity room and it went completely silent. She said out loud that whoever was there was not welcome to be there and to please leave. Next thing she knows the back door leading outside from the utlity room swings open and then slammed shut. Their house was built in 1910 and they had moved in in 1962. Thats just one of the many stories from that house



In our old house it was a 3 bedroom ranch style. Front door went straight into the living room. Kitchen/dining would have been to the left. Bed room number 1 was in the hall area right off the living room. Room 2 was beside that. A bathroom in the middle and finally the 3rd bedroom. So the bathroom is in between room 3 & 2. With a hall closet across from it. The way the living room was set up the couch was along the wall of the closet. The tv was in the corner/along wall to bed 1. You could see the kitchen reflection off the tv. It was about 130/2am i had my bedroom light on (bed 3) & went into the kitchen for a snack. I was walking through and noticed the wooden rocking chair slightly rocking. I ignored it carried on got my snack and i went to go back into my room. As I turned the kitchen light off my rooms light still filled the hall & spilled into the living room. I happened to look at the tv reflection and there was a shadow man sitting in the rocking chair when I looked at the chair it was slightly moving again but obviously no one there. I went back into my room and just shut the door. I didnt leave my room again that night.



We lived and worked at a marina when I was in my twenties, our bosses bought a used mobile home and put it out for us to move into as we just had another son and it was larger.

So one day, I’m washing dishes and staring at the lake, just phased out, the only adult home and something boops me on the head. I’m like, wtf ? It happens again a short time later. I look around and can’t find any reason for it.

A few days later, my five year old son tells me he was visited by a man, in his room. He describes what he’s wearing, (a Texas Longhorns shirt and jeans) and that the man said he was shot and stabbed and this was his house. I had also seen shadows darting across doorways.

So, I’m in the office, telling my boss about this and she’s telling me my imagination is running wild just because of what the guys had told me. I’m like, they haven’t told me anything, what are you talking about? She told us a young man was murdered in that house.

We get to looking around the living room and find 22 size bullet holes in the wall across from the front door.



Of course! I will start with my cousins story.

We are 9 and having a sleepover at my house. I was upstairs sleeping in my room and she slept on the living room couch (why she didn’t stay in my room is a mystery). Things went normal in my book. We played games, ate snacks, stayed up late and went to bed to wake up to pancakes. She goes home and that’s the end of the sleep over.

A couple weeks go by and I wanted her to come stay again. She wouldn’t say yes to my request which was confusing for me. My mom spoke with her mom and it was decided I would have to go over there for any sleep overs as she was scared to sleep at my house. Never found out why in that moment (dumb kid brain) so off I went to her house.

Fast forward to where I am like 14 and I my cousin gets brought up. It turns out the reason she would not come over again is because while she was sleeping “I” was being really creepy towards her and would just stare at her from my dining room in my white night gown. Apparently “I” would leave the room and renter multiple times to just stand and scare at my cousin. The thing being…..I don’t own a white night gown. I was wearing horse themed PJs like pants and a shirt. When she saw me in the morning she panicked because I wasn’t wearing the same outfit and when she went home she told my aunt she didn’t want to go back.

So this is the start of the little girl that haunted my childhood home at least for my knowledge it is.



Not overly horrifying but it is something that genuinely freaked me out.

I was about 12 years old. I stayed up by myself pretty late playing video games in our living room. It was maybe about 2 am when our stove Hood fan thing in the kitchen clicked on. It had a button that you had to push in pretty firmly in order to turn it on.

Initially, I thought it to be odd. I walked over and shut it off. I got back to playing video games when it turned right back on. This time, with a lot more apprehension, I went into the kitchen to see what was going on. I thought maybe my dad was messing with me. I looked around the corner, behind the fridge, in our laundry room, and nobody was there. I turned it off and went back into the living room.

Almost immediately after sitting down, I hear the audible click and the fan humming full speed. I was so freaked out I ran into the nearest bedroom where my grandma stayed. She asked me what was going on and I told her about it. She got up, went into the kitchen and shut it off, came back and about 5 min later on it came again. We both agreed that we wouldn’t go back in there until morning.

The next morning my grandma got a call that one of her brothers had passed the night before. I mean, it could be a coincidence, but either way, freaks me out to this day.

Also, that fan is used daily by my mom and it has never done what it did that night again.



When I was 20, I was living at home with my mum and sister (13 at the time). My mum was out working a night shift, and my then boyfriend was staying over. We’d always had weird experiences in that house, but that particular night was the weirdest.

It started with a quiet clicking noise somewhere in the hallway outside of my room. My sister’s room was right beside mine. I assumed it was just something in the house clicking and ignored it. Then the clicking got closer, somewhere between my bedroom door and my sister’s. Then it was clearly in my sister’s room. She yelled for me, asking if I could hear it, and both me and my boyfriend told her we could. She came racing into my room, almost in tears, saying the clicking noise was right beside her bed, and it was LOUD. We closed my bedroom door, she made a bed of blankets and pillows on the floor beside my bed, and we tried to go to sleep.

After maybe half an hour, the clicking started again. First outside my closed door, then just inside my room, and then somewhere between my bed and where my sister was laying. All three of us could hear it, but there was nothing to be seen. My sister started bawling, and we all high tailed it out of my room and decided to hunker down together in the basement, which was three floors down from our bedrooms. The basement had an old queen size bed being stored there, so we all piled in with my sister between us, lights on, terrified.

We sat there listening as the clicking noise made its way down all three flights of stairs into the basement until it was somewhere in the room with us. My sister and I screamed at it to go away, my sister in floods of tears, and after a few more clicks, it stopped. We did not sleep that night, and my mum came home in the morning to find all three of us huddled in the basement, still terrified.

The entire time, we saw nothing, and to this day, it has never happened again.



One night my boyfriend and I were taking a dark road from his house to mine, a road we’ve driven many times. We are in a rural area so there aren’t many street lights. As I rounded a corner I saw a person in a grey shirt and dark pants step into the road, so I hit the breaks hard to stop. But then the person turned into a mist and went up and to the right before vanishing. Thought I was seeing things but then my boyfriend said “what was that?” And I said “what was what?” And he said “someone in dark clothes just stepped into the road and then disappeared.” Up ahead there was a memorial for a person killed in a car wreck a few years back, and across the river next to the road, on a residential street, there had been a hit-and-run where the victim was killed. Not saying it was either of those victims, I don’t want to disrespect anyone. But it was still creepy and the fact that we both saw the same thing makes it even weirder. Rest In Peace to the people who died in that area



My childhood home had a hallway the lead to the bedrooms, and directly to the left of the entrance to the hall was the family computer desk. It wasn’t a very long hall, and it was shaped like an upside down L— the first door on the right was my brother’s room, maybe a yard into the hall. At the end of the hall it turned right with the bathroom on the left and my bedroom at the end.

I was sitting at the desk finishing an essay, it was my sophomore year of high school, about 11pm. I could see my little brother in the hallway out of the corner of my eye. He was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, which he often wore to bed to save time getting ready for school the next morning. I told him to go to bed and he took off running down the hall. A little bit of time passes and I see him again. I was agitated the way all older sisters are, and I tell him to go to bed, and he took off running once again.

He showed up in the hall a third time. Now I’m really mad. I yelled at him to go to bed, and when he took off running, I stormed after him. I knew if he was running he was probably heading toward the bathroom, because his room was so close to the start of the hall there wasn’t space to run to it. I made it halfway down the first part of the hall, stopping just short of the turn, when an overwhelming sense of dread filled me. I turned around and walked into my brother’s room. He was in his bed, which is already surprising already because I saw him run past his room. I pulled back his covers and he was completely knocked out, drenched with sweat like he was when he was in a deep sleep. He wasn’t wearing a plaid shirt at all. This whole exchange happened so fast he wouldn’t have had time to change, but I checked his floor for the shirt anyway and it was nowhere to be seen. My heart was beating so fast at this point— there was no way he’d be changed and fast asleep with how little time had passed.

I didn’t go all the way down the hall. I don’t know what little boy I saw that night, but it wasn’t my brother, and I didn’t want to find out what it was. I saw so many weird things at that house. Tons of shadow people and inexplicable situations. Most recently, my mom (a huge sceptic) confided in me that she’d been swimming in our pool in the backyard and every time she put her head underwater she heard voices. It was so convincing that she popped back up to see if my brother or sister was talking to her, but nobody was ever there. It would be quiet above water, voices underneath. I don’t think I’ll ever know what was going on with that house, but there’s definitely some sort of presence there.



Nothing remotely scary to some, but this did happen to me & it’s 100% true. I’ve shared this on Reddit a few times; so if you’ve read/seen it b4, apologies. Here it goes, Btw, Happy New Year! 🎊🎉 My husband & I were in our old two story house, this was 22 yrs ago. We were just laying there in bed & I heard a disembodied little child’s voice say, “Momma?” It rang so clear & close to my ear, like right by the bed. I laid there for a min thinking, “Oh, GOD, No!” Lol. Then my husband Turned over to face me & said, “Did you hear that?” I responded with, “Hear what?” For validation, u know? He said, I heard a child’s voice say, “Momma?” So, I knew, I wasn’t just “hearing stuff.” We wouldn’t have thought anything of it, since I have a daughter from my first marriage, who was just a yr old at the time. But, the kicker is, she was at her dad’s an hr away. She didn’t have any “Talking baby dolls” or anything like that, so…We knew it wasn’t a Toy; It was strange to say the least. Never heard it again, thank the LORD. We moved a yr & 1/2 later. ” I don’t know, what the ideal is, with Disembodied Child voices, but, they are unnerving to me.” 😳



When I was a student at the University of West Georgia, I rented an apartment in one of the oldest houses in town, which had been divided into 4 units. 1 upstairs, 3 down. I was in the biggest downstairs unit, and I was also the only tenant in the house at the time.

When I went to sign the lease, the landlord said,”before you sign, I have to tell you that the house is haunted.” Honestly, that just made me more excited to sign.

I never felt comfortable sleeping in the bedroom in the 9 months I lived there, so I always slept on my couch in the living room with the tv on. (sound muted)
One night, I woke up at around 1:00 am to sounds of a party in my bedroom. People laughing and talking and glasses clinking, that sort of thing. I listened to it for about 10 minutes until it slowly faded away. There were no other buildings on the street other than the public library, so it couldn’t have been a party nearby.

I am convinced I overheard a ghost party in my room.



My son had an invisible friend when he was between the ages of 2 and 4. My boy described him as an elderly man named Don, who was waiting for his mother to come and pick him up. Little man would throw toys down the hall for him and run away. It got stranger, though, when my son started screaming in the middle of the night saying “Don keeps tickling my toes!”. This went on for about 3 years until the house we were renting finally sold. We moved out and never heard about Don again. Until about 2 years ago, when I stumbled on an old local news article about the man that owned our house and how he had died and would be sorely missed. His name was Don. His mother had raised him in that same house as a little boy. I hope his mum came to pick him up.



I went through a spell that lasted around 6 months where I would hear someone whispering right next to me in bed and could feel them actually sitting on the bed. I dismissed it as dreams for a few weeks but I soon was convinced that a spirit was interacting with me. My wife was and is a night owl so I’d be in bed by myself. We sat up one night and put up three electric candles( the ones you twist the top to light up). We asked if the spirit could turn one of them off and bang,all three went out. I visited a medium who told me this. Tell the spirit that you acknowledge them but they’re freaking you out and please not to interact as much. It worked and I haven’t been bothered since



I rented a friend’s basement while I was working in another state for about a year. The basement was half finished, the walls were just the studs, cement floor, you get the idea. There was a lot of “stuff” in the basement, not quite hoarder level but more pack rat I would say, very cluttered with stuff piling up. It was a northern state, and when I first moved in it was summer and I didn’t have any issues at all. I kept to myself mostly, did my thing, and there were no problems. The house and specifically the basement always had an odd feeling though.

As summer turned into fall, then fall into winter, it got quite cold downstairs, so much so that i basically lived in a hoodie and sweatpants. Even when I went to bed for the night I kept my hoodie on because it was pretty cold. I began noticing some things happening around that time too…a constant feeling of being watched, I would see someone walking in the next room between the wall studs out of the corner of my eye, mood swings, just some weird stuff. To be honest, I look back at myself during that time and I was acting completely different and very much not the same person I normally am. Most concerning and scary was the recurring dream I was having about a ghost – I was always in an unknown house and this deformed, disfigured, female ghost would always jump out from behind a doorway or wall and scare the shit out of me. As per usual in dreams, you can’t ever move either so when I would try to run from the ghost, I couldn’t move and she would always just be on the verge of grabbing me before I would jolt awake. The dream became so regular and familiar that as soon as I saw myself in the same, unknown house, I would tell myself, “ok she’s going to jump out and scare you,” but that never helped and it always turned out the same.

This continued for about 2 months or so, until I couldn’t take it anymore and told my friend that I was pretty sure their basement was haunted. They proceeded to tell me that I was not the first person to mention that, and there were belongings in the basement of a loved one that had killed themselves.

Needless to say, I worked hard to get out of that house and a couple months later did just that. I have never had the dream again and my mood swings stopped, and I began acting normal again.



I stayed at home sick when I was 11. I was watching cartoons on the sofa when I saw from the corner of my eye a silhouette of a person pass through the hallway by the TV. It was a tall slender figure completely unlike my mom’s body shape. I still somehow assumed it was my mom coz who else would it be? A few hours later, someone knocks on the door and lo and behold it was my mom who had been out on errands without telling me the entire time. I was alone in the house the entire time.

I saw a second similar figure in the kitchen a few years later when I was passing by to get something from the fridge. Again I thought it was my mom. I go to a room in the complete other side of the house and my mom was there the entire time.

Tldr: saw shadow people in our old house



I have 2, but only one really freaked me out.

1.) Hanging out a friends house and I decided to just crash there for the night. I was in the living room watching a movie and he went to bed, leaving me and his then 11 year old kid to finish the movie.

Movie finished and I turned off the TV and the 11 year old decided to sleep in the recliner in the living room (I was on the couch). We said goodnight to each other and began to settle down.

I hear a little child’s voice (not the one in the chair) say good night. I sit up and the 11 year old does too, their eyes wide.

I ask them if they heard something and they shakily said yes. Being they were a child, I wasn’t going to bait them, so I asked what they heard. They said they heard a child say good night.

Other odd things happened in that house like dogs jumping over things that were not there, a toddler walking down the hall and holding its arms up to be picked up by someone we couldn’t see.

I never felt anything ominous, but there was definitely more than one spirit there.

2.) A friend and I went to visit Silver City Nevada. If you’ve never been, it’s an old mining town about an hour outside of Reno. It’s a tourist trap now, but many of the original buildings still stand along with the wooden plank sidewalks.

There is an OLD cemetery there that is open to the public, so we went. This cemetery is too large to see all in one day, but we looked around the firefighter and military section.

One grave that was too decayed to read the headstone had some moron drop their empty Pepsi can on it. I picked up the can and crushed it, then carried it with me until we left. I threw it in a garbage can on the way out.

Fast forward about 3-4 days later. I’m back home and laying in trying to get to sleep when suddenly ever hair on my body stands up.

I knew two things – Where whatever it was stood, and that it was male. I am having a total freak out because the presence was intense and intimidating.

I text my friend who went with me to Silver City and told her what was going on. She’s trying to calm me down because I’m freaking out. As I’m texting I hear the unmistakable sound of a soda can crush, then the presence was gone just as fast as it came.

To this day I believe it was whoever’s grave it was thanking me for picking up the can. But did they have to freak me out so bad?!!


Ghost tells me goodnight

Military ghost visits me after picking up trash on their grave



My cousin and nephew were over watching TV. Nephew, age about 4 at the time, asks us who the man by the door is. Door to my bedroom that was open at the time. Cousin and I look at each other. I ask my nephew to describe the person. My step father who had passed was a possibility. Never happened again.




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