21 Teachers Who Used Memes To Relate To Their Students

It’s about that time of year kids are returning to school, so you know what that means? Another year of teachers trying to relate to their students by using memes.

On the one hand, I think it’s great that teachers are meeting the students halfway, trying to convey a point in a way that’s creative and interesting to the class.

But, when it goes bad, it backfires and ends up on Reddit. I’m just glad I finished school before memes became a thing.

Here are some of the best meme attempts from teachers.


1. “My teacher rotates memes on her board every week. This is the best one so far.”

2. “My math teacher ‘likes memes'”

3. “Teacher posted this on google classroom with caption ‘wow guys listen to this meme'”

4. “My history teacher printed out memes, made them into postcards, and sent them to the class by post”

5. “My teacher always opens Social Studies with a meme…”

6. “A former teacher posted this meme on our Google Classroom about a classmate”

7. “My math teacher put this on a handout. Help.”

8. “My teacher has a meme wall”

9. “My Math-Teacher showing Math-Memes”

10. “My english teacher makes a lot of ‘memes’ and hangs them on the classroom wall”

11. “Today was the dreaded ‘Meme day’ at my high school for homecoming week. My chemistry teacher killed it imo”

12. “Our chemistry teacher put up this meme before starting the online lecture”

13. “First day of class. Teacher is trying to relate with memes”

14. “My history teacher always displays memes in class. Today was the first one I found funny.”

15. “My teacher made a really good meme again”

16. “My math teacher’s idea of ‘memes'”

17. “Teacher had us rate her memes today. This one received a 1/10”

18. “My teacher’s Hitler meme.”

19. “My history teachers’ meme from our lecture on the Ottoman Empire. Pretty good meme in my opinion”

20. “My teacher is getting us to stop smoking with memes”

21. “Courtesy of my bio teacher”

h/t: r/fellowkids