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Guy Seeks Advice For Decorating Random Space Above His Front Door And The Result Is Amazing

One nice thing about the internet is it’s a great place to seek advice on a wide range of topics. From relationships to helpful how-tos, you can learn just about anything.

Reddit’s r/MaleLivingSpace is a place where guys discuss, share, and improve male living spaces. In a viral post, one Redditor asked people for advice on how to decorate a weird vacant space in his home, and he followed through on most of the advice he received.

“Any advice about what to put in this area above my front door? It looks so empty right now”


Here are some of the best ideas people came up with:

Although most of the advice was sort of a joke, OP took most of the advice and he followed through on most of it.

“Update — tried to take all your advice. Thanks, Reddit”


Commenters loved the fact that OP followed through on the advice.