Welp, Tinder Is A Nightmare For Both Women And Men (17 Pics)

I’d like to NOT be single, but like. Y’all. Please look at what I’m working with.

It’s just a sh*tshow out there. We’ve got 17 screenshots from Tinder that will set your teeth on edge and make you want to go hug all your single pals. We’re struggling, friends.

1. What a choice

ShaidarHaran2 / Reddit

2. I wish he knew how little anyone cared about his weird weight lifting stats

Puzzleheaded_Path_69 / Reddit

3. Conversation must be tough

Raksup / Reddit

4. Lord. Bye.

TheKittensAreMelting / Reddit

5. Wait, maybe this one girl cares about weight lifting

Megamax34 / Reddit

6. A scam?

MrMio117 / Reddit

7. TBF, her name was Krystel.

Alternate962 / Reddit

8. Run.

Chowdergrrl / Reddit

9. Uh.

What the hell man from Tinder

10. Reading is hard.

she replied in like 2seconds but that’s my best line. from Tinder

11. Why would you be so rude?

guess being a 26 year old sophomore should be embarrassing lol from Tinder

12. So odd

fridgidpolarbear / Reddit

13. Girl has her hackles up

Some women just make things hard, and not in a good way. 😐 from Tinder

14. Hahahahaha weird

Well that’s a first . . . from Tinder

15. No thank you.

WHY from Tinder


I really just need to delete the app from Tinder

17. Probably ..no

Guy I met online texted me his address and asked me to come to him (30 min drive, online stranger). Think I should go?? from Tinder