Guy Laughs At MIL For ‘Accidentally’ Getting High After Snacking On His Edibles, Asks ‘AITA’

AITA is such a treasure trove of insanity sometimes. Take this question from u/Ok-Tooth2640 — he wanted to know if he was the asshole “for laughing at my mother-in-law when she ate my snacks and got way too high.”

He explains:

OP and his wife recently moved back to her hometown, which isn’t entirely remote but it’s not a bustling city either.

My wife and I just moved back to her hometown. We love living in a big city but we had agreed when we got married that when we started a family we would move to a small town. It sort of sucks but I am only a 45 minute drive from a theatre and good restaurants. It’s not like we are in the middle of the woods.

We live in Canada. Weed is fully legal here. I like to make weed butter and cook with it. I make brownies or fudge and my wife and I both partake. Well her not so much right now because she is breast feeding.

OP’s mom has a spare key to the house for emergencies, which OP wasn’t nuts about. Her mom knows that she’s not allowed to come over willy nilly.

My wife insisted that we give her mom a key For emergencies. I disagree but I lost the vote. So we talked about it and I said I was fine with it but it was only for emergencies. She wasn’t to use it to come over and clean up or anything like that. Her mom agreed and we gave her a key.

His MIL followed the rules for a little while but one day, while OP’s wife was out of town, OP came home and found his MIL incredibly stoned.

Well she followed the rules for about two months. My wife is out of town in the city for the weekend visiting friends. Since it is a two hour drive to that side of the city she is just staying there.

Apparently MIL thought she’d cook for OP and… well. She found some fudge.

I came home last night and found my MIL high as a kite in my living room. She had decided that since my wife was out of town I needed a home cooked meal. One thing led to another and she found some fudge.

OP laughed and told his wife and laughed some more, but his wife didn’t think it was too funny.

She was so high all she was doing was staring at the tv. Indica will do that to you. I called my wife and laughed my ass off. She is giving me shit for letting her mom get high. And for laughing at her mom.

Nobody seems to be hurt; MIL rested for a while and OP hung out with his step-dad-in-law.

MIL is currently resting in the guest bedroom. My wife’s stepdad came to get her but she is not moving. We had a few beers and watched the Jays get destroyed.

OP stresses he’s not mad, he just thinks it’s funny. AND MIL knew what she was eating, so it’s not like she wasn’t prepared for a little buzz.

She came into our home and ate my stuff without permission. I’m not really upset. She is super helpful and she has always been nice to me. I just think it’s hilarious. But my wife says I’m an asshole for laughing at her mom.

Edit. Small update. Just talked to MIL. She absolutely knew what she was eating. She is just hasn’t had any in a while and I guess was expecting more of an experience like Cheech and Chong. Not the genetically modified hybrid that I buy.

Reddit thought the entire story was hilarious. One person wrote, “NTA. That’s hysterical. She should be grateful that you aren’t mad. She didn’t have permission.”

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Another said, “She broke your rules. No going in the house except for emergencies. Having a cooked diner is nice, but not an emergency. She help herself to food without knowing what it was or for whom. Imagine you had it saved for someone, a party or to take to work. And laugh about is the best option. There’s no reason to be mad or angry. And it is a funny thing, after your check to see if it’s she’s not hurt. Wife will hopefully find it funny too, as will MIL.”

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