Of All The Things That Did Not Age Well, This Viral Clip Of A TV Court Show Aged The Worst

A lot of things don’t age well. Vegetables in my fridge. Pretty much any haircut you’ve ever had. And predictions about the value of Bitcoin from 2011…

In fact, so many things age poorly that there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to it called “Aged Like Milk.

But of all the things we’ve ever seen that have not stood the test of time, reader, I need you to brace yourselves for the following clip.

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What starts as a funny joke on the TV court “reality” show Cristina’s Court, nearly 10 years later gets dark, quickly.

Cristina’s Court

Watch as comedian Shawn Harris makes a joke that, eventually, would be the actual truth:

Record scratch much? The people of Twitter certainly think so:

And some people pointed out his body language was telling:

Comedians talk about reading the room, but this may be the most prescient example of that, literally ever.

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