Bumble Has Some Truly Heinous People Who Can’t Seem To Find Love (19 Pics)

Please raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by online dating.

It’s a cesspool. Wading through the assholes and morons on any of the apps is akin to trying to swim through the muck of The Neverending Story’s Swamp of Sadness. It can be SO bad, really, that all we can do is laugh. So here are 19 crushing examples of the people we all meet on Bumble.

1. This about me

Dry_Huckleberry_5271 / Reddit

2. Body count? If I murdered fewer than 5 people..?

cheekystar / reddit

3. Hooooboy.

AnitaHanjaabNHerr / Reddit

4. I mean, yikes?

RadicalAnprim / Reddit

5. 80% sure this guy was just kidding.

0okearo0 / Reddit

6. I’d be so creeped out.

oldhannita / Reddit

7. Oh, girl.

wouldyoulookatthat26 / Reddit

8. You seem worthwhile

Goldie1113 / Reddit

9. So verbose

wevie13 / Reddit

10. Gross

I_am_freddie_mercury / Reddit

11. Too much info

12. Good luck then

13. Why.

14. Alas.

15. And fail

16. Pass

17. I’m offended just reading this

18. GROSS.

19. E.W.