19 Tweets About Millennials That Are Funny But Also, Ouch

To be entirely honest, I don’t know that these are all true, but they certainly cut a certain picture of a culture of people who grew up during the aughts. We compiled this list of hilarious tweets about millennials that seemed more than a little accurate. Let me know your faves!

1. Because they grew up shopping in person?

@ryrapture / Twitter

2. Disney

@adamkoplik / Twitter

3. No

@leahclementine / Twitter

4. This one’s so basic it hurts

@oatmilkmotel / Twitter

5. No answers

@alisavalentinaa / Twitter

6. What?

@dasiasmuari / Twitter

7. We do not.

@homocereba / Twitter

8. That was Gen X

@tonacracy / Twitter

9. They got one laugh one time

@zuza_real / Twitter

10. Not this millennial

@auto__mat / Twitter

11. Why does gen Z?


12. Who?

13. Definitely not a thing we do?

14. I have ALWAYS loathed this

15. WHO

16. Fair

17. Do we?

18. Yes, look it up

19. Again, so.. does Gen Z