Guy Uses MidJourney AI To Create Every U.S. President As A Pixar Character

In the last year alone, we’ve seen many digital artists use Midjourney’s artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for generating imaginative and playful depictions of public figures.

Most recently, someone used Midjourney AI to reimagine the characters from The Office as if they were Pixar characters. This popular trend has been explored by others including writer Dan Szymborski on Twitter this week.

Dan recently used Midjourney AI to transform all 46 US presidents into whimsical Pixar-style characters.

At press, the tweet has over 100K likes.

From ultra-realistic renderings to more stylized interpretations, the resulting portraits offer a new perspective on these historical figures.

Presidents as Pixar characters
Dan Szymborski

While the finished product is pretty accurate, there were some funny outtakes leading up to the final renderings.

Barack Obama

Dan Szymborski

Donald Trump

Dan Szymborski

Bill Clinton

Dan Szymborski

George W. Bush

Dan Szymborski

Dan shared even more funny outtakes in the viral thread.

Dan Szymborski

George H.W. Bush

Dan Szymborski

Jimmy Carter

Dan Szymborski

Ronald Reagan

Dan Szymborski

Midjourney even took the name “Teddy” quite literally.

Coolidge became a dog, and Hoover was interpreted as a… marshmallow?

Then of course there’s this Gerald Ford rendering.

The thread went viral sparking many questions from readers.

There were even some memes inspired by the AI renderings.

See other cool Midjourney AI art here.


Nate Armbruster

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