Alarm Company Refuses To Heed Customer’s Requests, So He Teaches Them The Hard Way

Inside the disconnect between a customer and a provider is a breading ground for rage. Whether it’s bureaucracy, redundancies, or just straight up incompetence; the miscommunication seems so unnecessary you can’t help but get upset. It’s like, “I’m trying to patronize your business but you are f*cking this up!”

If you feel the same way, the Malicious Compliance subbreddit is for you. There, reddit user u/PhantomFather88 shared a story many of us can relate to.

In short, he told the alarm company several times that he would contact them when he was ready for install, but they kept calling him saying that they were sending an install technician. So, he finally got fed up, and well, he can explain the rest.

What do you think you’d have done in this situation. I feel like he gave them plenty of chances and it’s just plain incompetence on their part. Let us know your opinion in the comments.


Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome