21 Times Tumblr Was Painfully Spot-On About What It’s Like To Be A Woman

Being a woman offers us a very specific set of personal experiences. https://giphy.com/gifs/laff-tv-mom-kitty-23gX4diThUVCf5ERgw

Between facing raging sexism and learning how to stop yourself from bleeding on chairs at age 12, we just… have some things we’ve all kinda gone through.

So it’s super relatable when other women share the frustrations of being a woman.

And that’s just what happened in these Tumblr posts we’ve rounded up for you.

Get ready to nod along, ladies!

1. The ol laundry basket.

tumblr woman posts

2. In fact, nope!

tumblr woman posts

3. This was not the year.

tumblr woman posts

4. Look straight ahead.

tumblr woman posts

5. Pumpkin Spice

tumblr woman posts

6. Not smiling.

tumblr woman posts

7. Women eat. Surprise!

tumblr woman posts

8. Girl snowmen = bra

tumblr woman posts

9. We can’t read?

tumblr woman posts

10. What? Why would you? Why?

tumblr woman posts

11. One meeting. One.


12. We don’t.


13. They sang a song.


14. Man caves.


15. Blue hair.


16. What are we attracted to?


17. That LOOK.


18. Ah, men.


19. “Gone Girl” him.


20. Yuck.


21. Men are gross.

tumblr woman posts