classical art memes - screenshots i will never use my phone - when the lights come on at the club

30 Of The Best Classical Art Memes You Can’t Miss This Month

Classical art memes are my favorite genre of memes because they’re consistently funny and often relatable. It’s almost like artists centuries ago were the original meme makers.

Much of their work was commentary and takes on current events or themes. I like to think that hundreds of years from now, classes on the memes of today will exist.

With clever captions and hilarious juxtapositions, these memes prove that humor truly is timeless. Whether you’re a fan of Renaissance paintings or ancient Greek sculptures, there’s something for everyone in this collection of classical art memes from this month.


classical art memes - the houseplants in your kitchen watching you put water in the coffee maker


classical art memes - without us you'd still be worshipping the sun dude the sun is real


classical art memes - me re-reading my own post every time someone likes it


classical art memes - I like them thicc af - but sir newton we can't write that - then write this the greater the mass the greater the force of attraction


classical art memes - when you take a nap so good that you think you missed the school bus but it's sunday and you're 32


classical art memes - do you want to have a threesome - no thanks if I wanted to disappoint two people at once I would go out to dinner with my parents


classical art memes - can you perform under pressure - I'm more familiar with bohemian rhapsody


classical art memes - me during my french exam wondering what is the gender of a washing machinne


classical art memes - are you seeing someone - do you mean a therapist a boy or hallucinations


classical art memes - when you're dead inside and sick of life but at least there are cats


classical art memes - when you're dyslexic and accidentally write to satan instead of santa


classical art memes - excuse me ma'am but you can't breastfeed in public watch me


classical art memes - monster don't sleep under your bed they sleep inside of your head


classical art memes - people who are still awake at 6am - people who got up at 6am


classical art memes - dad what did you do to get mom to love you - fucking legend


classical art memes - screenshots i will never use my phone


classical art memes - when I said i support equal voting rights I meant men shouldn't vote either Stalin probably


classical art memes - can you tell me which planet is making me sad earth


classical art memes - if you work hard enough you can replace depression with exhaustion


classical art memes - when the lights come on in the club


classical art memes - jesus let me in so i can save you


classical art memes - me leaving everything until the last minute because I can only work when I'm fuelled by immense panic and overwhelming stress


classical art memes - adult life is a. constant cycle of i just need to get through this week every week


classical art memes - it's never too late to follow your dreams Vlad the impaler didn't even start impaling people until his mid-30s


classical art memes - why is being alive so expensive I'm not even having a good time


classical art memes - you look depressed thanks it's the depression


classical art memes - what girls really do when they go to the bathroom


classical art memes - Jesus is always watching Kevin get back to work


classical art memes - when both you and your friend are severely depressed but find happiness in the mutual feelings of despair


classical art memes - me doing the dishes while listening to songs about drugs guns money and sex


classical art memes - relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat until one of them dies


classical art memes - sir would you like a drink what are my options yes or no


classical art memes - being a dinosaur sounds kinda nice no bills no work just extinct


classical art memes - the atheism leaving my body when the airplane starts violently shaking


classical art memes - It's been 4 years since my job interview. I'm beginning to suspect that they chose someone else

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