Dry Shampoo Memes To Buy You One More Day Of Not Washing Your Hair (22 Pics)

Dry shampoo is such a godsend. Anything that lets me lay in bed for 20 extra minutes instead of having to wash my hair should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. These dry shampoo memes perfectly put into words how much I adore it.

Okay yeah, it costs a pretty penny compared to other products, but that’s money well spent for something that you just spray, rub in, and go on with your day. Really, dry shampoo deserves all the thanks it gets and it’s totally worth the price to make my life a little easier. Who knows how I ever lived without it?

1. It’s just one more day.

dry shampoo meme - 5 days too long

2. Is it snowing?

dry shampoo meme - jon snow

3. Worth every cent.

dry shampoo tweet - - would rather use an entire $12 can of dry shampoo than step into the shower for one moment. This is my fight song.

4. Eight is too many.

5. It’s like a makeover scene every time.

dry shampoo meme - trying to remember the last time I actually washed my hair like titanic

6. It’s called beauty sleep.

7. What color did it used to be?

8. Keep it to yourself.

9. Dry shower me everyday.

10. This is me on day 4.

11. An intense romance.

dry shampoo meme - joe jonas wife

12. The secret is out.

dry shampoo meme - bridesmaids

13. No one has to know.

14. A little dusty.

15. Oooh a new scent too!

16. I’m sure they can’t tell.

17. I’m just glued together.

18. Guess who is embracing their curls now?

dry shampoo meme - jennifer anniston

19. The weather is weird today!

20. I’m ready to style babe.

21. Zero percent in the mood to hear about it.

22. We don’t need you anymore!