“Why Can Companies Ask Employees To Give 110% For Work, But Employees Can’t Ask Them To Do The Same For Pay?” — Debate About Work And Wages Erupts Online

In the modern work culture, it is not uncommon for companies to demand their employees to give more than 100% effort towards their work. It’s often seen as a measure of dedication, motivation, and commitment to the job.

However, when it comes to wages, employees are often told to accept the compensation offered, without any room for negotiation or asking for more. This discrepancy in expectations has sparked a debate about work and wages online.

Is it fair for companies to demand their employees to give 110%, but not be willing to pay them accordingly? This reddit thread goes into more detail.

fair pay conversation - money in wallet

fair pay conversation - the flip side to quiet quitting is quiet paying

fair pay conversation - somebody older i know asked me

fair pay conversation - is it culturally acceptable

fair pay conversation - he has nothing to say

fair pay conversation - roll of money

This obviously struck a nerve, because the comments began swarming with discussion.

fair pay conversation - quiet paying

fair pay conversation - our CEO tells us in a meeting

fair pay conversation - well, sort of.

fair pay conversation - it's the most idiotic move as a business

fair pay conversation - at my wife's company

fair pay conversation - doesn't believe in it???


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