40 Designers Who Delighted Kids With Their Creative, Helpful, And Cool Designs

When it comes to brilliant design, I always think about how it can enrich the lives of those who interact with it the most, especially children.

Take a look at the incredible creations these designers have come up with to make life easier and more enjoyable for both parents and kids. They’ve thought of everything, from swings designed for wheelchair-bound children to awesome play areas at the airport.

Prepare to be amazed by the innovative solutions these kid-friendly designs that creators brought to the table.

1. “This See-Saw Has Sliding Weights So Different-Sized Kids Could Play Together”

2. “Miniature Traffic Playground In Copenhagen Where Kids Learn To Bike In Traffic”

3. “This Playground Has A Sign So Hearing And Deaf Kids Could Play Together”

4. “My Husband Built This Indoor Playhouse For Our Foster Children, Complete With A Kitchen, Real Working Windows, And Lights”

5. “A Test Of Maturity”

6. “I Saw A Special Swing For Wheelchair-Bound Children”

7. “These Kids Toilets In A London Museum. Whose Sinks Slope To Cater For Progressively Shorter Children”

8. “My Car Wash Has A Soap Cannon For Kids”

9. “This Book Is For Children To Teach How To Tie Shoes”

10. “My Local Domino’s Has A Stand For Kids To Come Up And Watch Them Make Pizzas”

11. “This Park Has A Swing Where A Parent And A Kid Can Swing At The Same Time”

12. “The Publix In My Hometown Gives Out Fruits To Kids For Free”

13. “My City Has A Mock City To Train Kids Rules Of Traffic. It Includes A McDonald’s And Tim Horton’s”

14. “My Daughter’s First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning”

15. “Bus For A Pre-School Kids. Spotted In Nagoya”

16. “These Special, Short Windows For Curious Children To See The Construction Site”

17. “They Make Mini Replica MRI Machines, Complete With Noises, To Prepare Children For Their Scan”

18. “The Children’s Playground At The Airport In Z├╝rich, Switzerland. It’s A Mini Airport”

19. “This Toilet Has A Separate Door For Children”

20. “This Shopping Cart Has A Spot For Kids To Stand On While The Parents Push”

21. “Simple Way To Measure Kids Feet At My Local Shop”

22. “My School Has Racks In The Front Office For Kids To Put Their Skateboards On During The Day”

23. “This Carousel In Hong Kong Has A Sea Turtle Mounted To The Floor For Disabled Children”

24. “This Beautiful Bus Stop Is In Holstein, Germany. In Front Of The Local High School”

25. “This Playground Has A Sunscreen Dispenser For Kids”

26. “The Kid’s Menu At This Restaurant I Stopped In”

27. “Kids Slide With Rollers Near Osaka Castle”

28. “This Swing For Kids Waiting At The Bus Stop In Bergen, Norway”

29. “Whoever Invented This In A Public Restroom To Hold My Child In Place Is A Genius”

30. “This Playground Is A Giant Ship”

31. “This Extension For Piano Pedals Is Designed For Advanced Child Pianists Who Can’t Reach The Pedals With Their Legs Yet”

32. “This McDonald’s Has The Table Drop Down For Kids”

33. “This Playground Equipment Is Too Genius. Mini Excavator For Kids To Play”

34. “This Cool LED Slide For The Kids”

35. “My Son’s Shoes Have Different Color Inserts To Make It Easier For Him To Tell Left From Right”

36. “This Playground Has A Velociraptor Buried In The Sandpit For Kids To Dig Up”

37. “This Enclosed Bus Stop For The Kids To Use While Waiting In The Cold”

38. “These ‘Mushrooms’ In A Park Are Cupboards Filled With Books For Kids To Read”

39. “They Have Built-In Children Seats In The Madrid Bus”

40. “This Station With Free-To-Borrow Lifejackets For Kids”


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.